/2022/11/06 Or-E-Con-2
Kaleidofolk (Me, Naomi and Magpie) at Or-E-Con 2. (Via Zoom, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) there's no video.)


(2012/02/18) I've decided to re-sort everything newest first. I've also finally gotten around to putting up the audio for the 2009 Conflikt concerts. Darned if I know why it's taken so long...

2012/11/03 Orycon
2012/03/02 Consonance
My solo concert at Consonance. I seem to have picked up the habit of theming my concerts from Naomi.
2012/01/27 Conflikt
Lookingglass Folk (me and Naomi Rivkis) at Conflikt


2011/07/02 Westercon
My concert at Westercon 2011. I was aiming for minimum overlap with Baycon (except for ending with QV at the end), and more of a narrative flow.
2011/05/29 Baycon
My concert at Baycon 2011. I also did an "instrument demo" in the "Family Friendly" room with Moira Stern, and a concert there with Paul Kwinn. Neither was recorded.


2010/11/13 Short Tempered Glass at OryCon 2010
Short Tempered Glass at NorWesCon. Theme: the darker side of fantasy. Another kick-ass performance -- it says so right here -- in spite of Naomi (and hence some of our best songs and coolest arrangements) being missing.
2010/05/29 Baycon 2010
My Fan GOH concert at Baycon 2010. I stupidly forgot to turn on my recorder; the audio was rescued from Harold Groot's video. Minimal editing except for reducing volume on the applause.
2010/04/02 Tempered Glass at NorWesCon 2010
Tempered Glass at NorWesCon. Theme: love songs.


2009/09/13 ConChord 2009
2009/05/23 Tempered Glass at Baycon 2009
Some of the songs we'd originally intended to sing ended up filling up the double-length Tres Gique concert on Friday...
2009/05/22 Tres Gique at Baycon 2009
This one simply kicked ass.
2009/05/21 Tempered Glass at White Blossom Care Center
A little rough around the edges.
2009/03/08 Tempered Glass at Consonance 2009
2009/03/08 Tres Gique at Consonance 2009
2009/02/01 Naomi Rivkis with Tempered Glass at Conflikt 2009
We weren't actually Tempered Glass at that point; we invented the group the next day because we'd had so much fun.
2009/02/01 Conflikt 2009
I also had a concert of my own at Conflikt; it's taken me until 2012 to actually get around to posting it.


ConChord 2008
My Toastmaster's concert, actually Tres Gique rather than just me.
Baycon 2008
Recorded from a bad location back in the audience using a Zoom H2. This was actually more of a Tres Gique concert, too.


Consonance 2007
Recorded at 24 bits using a Behringer C2 stereo pair on a mic stand in front of the stage but a bit too low, and an Edirol UA25 interface. Pretty good.


Recorded at 24 bits using a Behringer C2 stereo pair and an Edirol UA25 interface, using my rolly as a makeshift mic stand. Pretty good, considering.
Baycon 2006
Extracted from Harold Groot's DVD. Both soundboard and handheld versions were recorded. The soundboard version is pretty good, but it's a mono mix; both are 48KHz.
Recorded using a Griffin stereo lapel mic and an iMic on a MacBook Pro laptop (borrowed from work).