Writings by Steve Savitzky

The files in this directory contain documents, essays, and notes written by myself (Steve Savitzky) and made available for public access. They are not official publications of my employer (whoever that may be at the moment). Any opinions or alleged facts contained in them are purely my own. All documents are copyright Stephen R. Savitzky. All rights reserved; you are free to make links to any document under this directory; if you want to make an electronic copy please read Why linking is better than copying. If you still want to make a copy after that -- there and are some good reasons for wanting to do so -- I'd appreciate hearing about it so I can keep you up to date.

If you wish to make paper copies of any pages on this site other than a small number of copies for personal use, please contact me. So far I've never refused any requests, but I like to know where things are going, and I like to get copies of any publications in which my material appears. If you're going to be selling copies I'll gladly give permission as long as I get my cut. Songs, except as noted, are covered under the standard compulsory mechanical licensing terms. (A few songs request that donations be given to charity in lieu of royalties.)


Family/: Adventures in Family Computing
The joys, pains, and fine points of managing a home network.
Writings about, and configuration files for, the Linux operating system.
Writings on various computer- and software-related subjects. My attempts at being an industry pundit. For punditry on the Internet and the Web, see Web/. For punditry on the music industry, see Music/
Reviews of various products.
Writings on various web-related topics, including blogging, wikis, and web-based communities.

Other Stuff

Essays on a variety of subjects, mostly not related to computers (since there are other places for that).
Miscellaneous stuff. Fliers, notes, assorted oddities.
Music/: Notes on the Music Industry
including a proposal for a musicians' and listeners' co-op on the web. This is gradually coming into existence at PenguinSong.net.
Filksongs. If you don't know what filksongs are, you need to look here. The official URL for my songs is now Steve.Savitzky.net/Songs/; please adjust your links accordingly. Links to thestarport.com/Steve_Savitzky/Songs/ will continue to work.
LaTeX style files and related software for processing the FlkTeX markup language. Moved to ../Tools/, which is a more sensible place for it.

Random Documents

These are things I wrote back before I had the current directory tree set up. Mostly of historical interest, but I like for things to have a stable URL. Keeps search engines happy.

Notes on Writing for the Web
(rather obsolete at this point)
Setting up a Family Firewall
(totally obsolete -- install any of the Linux-based firewall/router distributions)
Linux--the Family Operating System