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Reviews by Steve Savitzky

This directory contains my reviews of various products. If you want to send me a product to review, go ahead. I don't guarantee I'll have time to look at it, though, so it might be a good idea to send me e-mail first. If the product in question only works with Windows, it's very unlikely to get used unless one of my kids is interested in it.


Clients and Servers

the New Internet Computer
A lightweight Linux box designed as a terminal, but useful for other things.
the Terapin `mine' [in progress]
A pocket-sized Linux fileserver with delusions of grandeur -- it thinks it's a photo album and MP3 player.
my new Mini-ITX system [in progress]
Partly a review, partly a project report. A Mini-ITX system designed mainly for home-studio recording.

Sound and Fury

Musical Instruments

the Vagabond travel guitar

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