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This concert was performed at the Worldcon (LACon IV) in 2006. It was recorded using a Griffin iMic and a Griffin lapel mic clipped to a button, which in turn was pinned to a chair in the front row. The software used was Audacity running on a Macbook Pro.

In the working directory, Audacity was used to split (a copy of) the original recording into .wav files after an attempt at normalizing the levels -- unfortunately this is rather labor-intensive. An attempt was made at noise-removal on the various intros, which normalization boosted 15-20dB. This left a few artifacts that sound a lot like ringing, but I'm not going to worry about it too much.

Note that I don't have proper license information in the .ogg files yet -- they're all cc-by-sa-nc except for "Ship of Stone".

Annotated Contents


1 [ogg] talking-soundcheck
2 [ogg] intro_to cicero
3 [ogg] Cicero in the Twenty First Century
This is the song that made me realize that I needed a script to format set lists for posting in my Livejournal.
4 [ogg] intro_to demon
5 [ogg] House Carpenter / Demon Lover
I wrote a story that included a description of a duet between a singer/songwriter and an AI built into his guitar. ``House Carpenter'' and ``Demon Lover'' come from their first gig together.
6 [ogg] intro_to ship
7 [ogg] Ship of Stone
8 [ogg] intro_to silk
9 [ogg] Silk and Steel
Another song about the AI guitar. I still don't know the backstory behind this one.
10 [ogg] The World Inside the Crystal
My first serious computer song.
11 [ogg] intro_to guilty
12 [ogg] Guilty Pleasures
This was actually written in realtime---I finished it at about 2am after everyone else had gone to bed.

Copyright © 2004-6 Stephen Savitzky
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