Steve Savitzky at Westercon 2011

This was recorded on my Zoom H2, with Jerry Tyra running sound. The concert broke roughly into two sections: a journey through time and space; followed by myths, legends, and current events.

1 [ogg] [mp3] Keep the Dream Alive (Savitzky)
Written in 1986 shortly after the Challenger blew up on takeoff. Revised, unfortunately, for Columbia in 2003.
2 [ogg] [mp3] Millennium's Dawn (Savitzky)
3 [ogg] [mp3] Where the Heart Is (Rivkis/Hills)
One of Tempered Glass's most popular songs, and a favorite of mine, only in part because my grandma Tanya came from Odessa, too.
4 [ogg] [mp3] Ship of Stone (Simpson)
In my opinion the best filksong ever written. If one of the songs we're singing now is still being sung a thousand years from now, it will probably be this one.
5 [ogg] [mp3] Cicero in the 21st Century (Savitzky)
More than 2000 years ago, the Roman orator Cicero wrote: "Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book." It's amazing how little has changed.
6 [ogg] [mp3] Daddy's World (Savitzky)
I wrote this one for my older daughter based mostly on some of her favorite computer games.
7 [ogg] [mp3] Quiet Victories (Savitzky)
Myths and legends, and true stories.

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