Cicero in the 21st Century

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Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book. --Marcus Tullius Cicero, statesman, orator and writer (106-43 BCE)

Times were bad two thousand years ago
Said Cicero, just take a look:
Children don't obey their parents
And everyone is writing a book.
Well it's been a long time since ancient Rome
But look around and you can see it plain
We're in a moral decline   never mind we're feeling fine
And we're whistling the same old refrain:
    Yes, these are terrible times that we live in
    Society is going to the dogs
    Children don't obey their parents
    And everyone is writing blogs.
Once a website used to take a lot of work;
Now blogging software makes it a snap
You just type and click and it's published--
No matter if it's nothing but crap.
What you write doesn't have to be clever
Or interesting, or true;
Join a blog site for free   write your own in PHP
Start a web log today   any idiot can play
And ninety-nine percent of them do.
So now we're living in the blogosphere
Where everyone can write what they please
Consuming half the traffic on the internet
Well, at least they aren't cutting down trees
So come on, all you need is a browser
And a couple dead horses to flog
If your kids don't obey   at least there's something you can say
They can't see you're a dog   if you're writing in your blog
If you like these songs of mine   you know the lyrics are online
And I'm posting all the links in my blog.

Note for the irony-impaired: I do, in fact, have a blog, located at:; writing this song made me realize that I needed a script to format concert setlists for easy posting. The revised quotation comes from Simon Bisson's blog.
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