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    last 4 lines of refrain inst. as intro.

Daddy's World

© 1989 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .

For Katy

Hey, girl, are you weeping
'Cause it's too rainy for playing outside?
Let's turn on the magic carpet
And go for an afternoon ride...
I know a couple of games to play
And some places you haven't yet   seen;
Come visit your daddy's world
on the other side of the screen.
    I can't bring you the silver moon
    To hold in the palm of your hand;
    But I can take you to a world I've made
    Out of dreams and a few grains of sand;
    I can't buy you the stars to wear
    Like gems in your bonny brown hair;
    All I have is a magic mirror
    And castles in the air.
Say hello to the creatures here:
The walrus, the elephant too;
Go visit the dragon's lair,
He's waiting there for you...
Play cards with a magical deck;
Learn the names of the planets and stars;
Take a ride on a toy balloon,
Or a rocket ship to Mars.
Come look through the window
While I type in a magical rhyme.
I'll show you where the hypercubes dance
On the edges of space and time.
See the curliqued Mandelbrot set
Way down in the complex plane...
We'll forget about the world outside,
The thunder and the rain.
Do you wonder where your daddy goes
When he's out of the house for the day?
I walk through my magic mirror
And travel far away
To my world where with numbers and words
I create things out of thin air;
There's magic in Daddy's world
And I can take you there.

    Last refrain repeat last 2 lines;

    end with \chord{A^*=EAEAC\sharp A}

The imagery in v. 2 comes mostly from Manhole, a HyperCard game for kids on the Macintosh. I thought about calling this song ``The Programmer's Daughter'' but decided I'd leave that for Kanefsky.
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