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I seem to have picked up the habit of theming my concerts from Naomi Rivkis. Here's how it went:

(Audio from the board, run by the awesome Kristoph Klover and captured by Harold Stein. The first track started in the middle of a performance so bad I wouldn't have put it up anyway; it got much better after that.)

Daddy's World

So let's go there...

The World Inside the Crystal [ogg] [mp3]

Those songs are both on my album, Coffee, Computers and Song. And I have cleverly led you to expect a set full of computer songs. But contrary to what you might think, this is actually about places and journeys.

So here's one about getting there.

Wheelin' [ogg] [mp3]

That was written for Naomi Rivkis, who challenged me by saying she'd come to my toastmaster gig at ConChord if I either sang a song about her or by her. Here's one by her, with music by Blake Hodgetts. Sometimes the unknown is closer than we expect.

Landscapes [ogg] [mp3]

Naomi and I have been performing together lately as Lookingglass Folk. Here's one we sang at our debut concert at Conflikt, from a collection of songs we call "Trinitite". This is Cat Faber's "Underground Rail". Not all travel is for the fun of it.

Underground Rail [ogg] [mp3]

In case you were wondering, trinitite is the kind of glass you get when you set off a nuclear explosion over the desert.

Here's another from that collection, by Canadian songwriter James Keelaghan.

Boom Gone to Bust [ogg] [mp3]

And now for something completely different; we're going to take a sharp left turn in New York's Central Park about 30 years ago.

The October Country [ogg] [mp3]

That was "The October Country"; words by Naomi Rivkis, music by me, her, and Callie, worked out in a workshopping session back when the three of us were performing as Tempered Glass.

When Naomi posted this next one, I knew I had to learn it. Of course, I had to wait for Callie to write the music, first. It's been our most requested song; it's called "Where the Heart Is".

Where the Heart Is [ogg] [mp3]

Okay, here we go!

Inherit the Earth [ogg] [mp3]

So where do we go from there?

Ship of Stone [ogg] [mp3]

So is that the ultimate journey? Maybe not. Life's a journey, after all, and noone knows where it goes. What matters is who you're traveling with.

The River [ogg] [mp3]

And where do you go from there? This last one's by Dave Carter.

When I Go -- intro and light show [ogg] [mp3]

(At this point someone in the adjoining room was trying to turn off the lights, not knowing that the two rooms, being divisions of the same ballroom, were controlled by the same switches. I broke off when the room went totally dark. People came onstage with flashlights at that point.)

When I Go (Dave Carter) [ogg] [mp3]

(laughing) Okay. That was... more excitment than we needed.

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