1 Another Country (Savitzky)
2 The Rambling Silver Rose (Savitzky)
Very loosely inspired by Cindy McQuillin's songs of spaceships, spaceport bars, and hard-drinking, independent-minded women.
3 Talking Dragon (Savitzky/Trad.)
4 Jabberwocky (Caroll/Trad.)
5 When the Magic Died (Savitzky)
6 A Meeting in the Wood (Savitzky)
7 The Cap and Bells (Yeats/Savitzky)
8 The shores of the night (Savitzky)
9 The Queen of Night (Savitzky)
10 Persistence of Memory (Savitzky)
11 Rocket Rider's Prayer (Savitzky)
12 Big Blue Blues (Savitzky)
13 John Silicon (Savitzky/Trad.)
14 Wings (Faber)
15 The Last Train (Ian)