A Meeting in the Wood

© 1986 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .

I found myself grown weary with the world
So I got into my car and drove, not very far,
And before the day was done I had chased the setting sun
To the sea-cliffs where the breakers crashed and curled.
I never knew how long it was I stood,
And I watched the seabirds fly and I heard their lonely cry
But at last I left the shore and the breakers' endless roar
And the path led back and through a little wood.

    [A\min  G6  C  D]transition
There I saw a man who wore a cloak of grey
With a bright sword by his side, and swiftly he did   ride
Tall upon a milk-white steed, but he stopped and spoke to me
``Young fool!'' he cried, ``Why wander back this way?''
``There behind you are the cliffs that end the world
Where the dragons flame and fly in the endless empty sky
And the castle's ancient keep overhangs the vasty deep
And the Western Kingdom's banners are unfurled.
``For the tourney will be starting with the dawn
At the rising of the sun with a kingdom to be won.
We must ride and reach the walls before the darkness falls--''
Then he spurred his mount and quickly he was gone.

    [A  D  C  E\min]transition
Then I watched him as he vanished from my sight
And I longed once more to stand on the cliffs that end the land
And I wondered if I'd see endless sky or circled sea
But I turned away to face the falling night.

    [A\min  G6  C  D  G]coda
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