one verse instrumental

Big Blue Blues

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I got hardware in the mornin', software the whole night through
My baby's gone and left me, she says I just won't do.
I've run clean out of coffee, my computer's blown a fuse
And left me sittin' at the keyboard, singin' the Big Blue blues.
Well I went out to buy computers, looked at Sun and Dec and Cray,
Looked at Lisp and Smalltalk, C and Unix all the day,
Then my boss came in and told me, this is what you're gonna use:
OS and Cobol on a mainframe, singin' the Big Blue blues.
Well I was once a happy hacker, singin' a happy song,
Wore blue jeans and a tee shirt, debugging all night long,
But I came to work one morning, they told me shine those shoes,
Wear a suit and get a haircut, start singin' the Big Blue blues.

    one verse instrumental
Now a computer salesman, he'll whisper in your ear
No matter what he can deliver, he'll tell you what you want to hear;
He'll say his hardware is the greatest, it's all you'll ever want to use
But you're still waitin' six months later, singin' the Big Blue blues.
And a computer repairman, he never satisfies
He'll arrive six hours late, and tell you seven kinds of lies
He'll have it up in just five minutes, that's the line he'll use
And he'll leave you in the morning, singin' the Big Blue blues.

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