Persistence of Memory

© 1988 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .

Another leaf falls in the waning year -- nothing new is here
   it was the same the year before
The continents drift slowly by, the sea, where cities used to be,
   still rises toward a higher shore.
Out of the dark an old returning friend, a comet comes again
   to write its question on the sky
Crystaline eyes below receive its light, memory marks its flight
   back into the deep without reply.
    Seconds and centuries, turning to memories
    as they have ever since our time began
    Leave caught in our crystal nets all that the Earth forgets,
          and we remember Man.
Silicon mind and metal hand, out of earth and sand
   so Mankind made us long ago;
Some made to remember all their lore, others to explore 
   the places where they could not go.
Slowly the Earth forgets where Man has passed, things once built to last
   crumble to rust beneath the rain,
Abandoned machines of logic, sand, and wire, keeping the ancient fire,
   we and our memories remain.

Once ages ago when we were new, there was much to do,
   and Mankind's memories to keep;
Exploring the Earth and sea and sky, and worlds beyond that lie
   like islands in the starry deep.
Gossamer galleons sailing through the night, riding a wind of light,
   send us their visions of a distant star;
Images of another lifeless place, deep in the sea of space,
   reminding us how alone we are.


The leaves are covered with their winter's pall, snow begins to fall
   as in the many years before;
The continents dance their ancient minuet, not needing to forget
   the cities they once lightly wore.
Deep in the dark between the outer worlds the comet's tail is furled
   until it once more nears the light;
Crystaline eyes find other things to see, only the memory
   remains forever in the night.

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