1 The Merry Man and his Maid (Gilbert/Sullivan)
2 The World Inside the Crystal (Savitzky)
My first serious computer song. You can always tell the programmers in the audience. They've been there, and they know.
3 The Song of Wandering Aengus (Yeats/Savitzky)
4 House Carpenter (Trad./Trad.)
5 Demon Lover (Savitzky)
I wrote a story that included a description of a duet between a singer/songwriter and an AI built into his guitar. So of course I had to write the song to fit the description.
6 Bound For Hackers' Heaven (Savitzky)
Inspired by Jordin Kare's launch-laser song, ``Kantrowitz 1972'', and closely related to the backstory behind ``Demon Lover''.
7 Can't Get It Up (Savitzky)
8 A Place To Run Free (Savitzky)
9 Inherit the Earth (Savitzky)
10 Small, But... (Savitzky/Trad.)
11 Silk and Steel (Savitzky)
Another song about the AI guitar. I still don't know the full story behind this one--there's a big gap there.
12 Ship of Stone (Simpson)
In my opinion the best filksong ever written. If one of the songs we're singing now is still being sung a thousand years from now, it will probably be this one.
13 merrymn-reprise (Savitzky)