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    (Drop D tuning: DADGBE; mixolydian mode)

Silk and Steel

© 1988 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .

Lady Melody sleeps dreaming on the wall behind the bar;
Crystal skeins of memory in a battered old guitar.
Remembering how she was made, electrons joined with song;
The gentle hands that held her then; the voice so clear and  strong; 
The way he taught her how to sing, to dream and love and feel,
And the warm touch of his fingers on her strings of silk and steel
Lady Melody remembers all their nights of song and stars;
Forest walks and midnight talks and noisy crowded bars;
The demon-haunted night they dared to share their dream of space
Where all their restless friends could find a haven and a place;
The song the thunder sang that day when all their dreams turned real
Launcher's hellfire ringing through her strings of silk and steel.

    One verse instrumental -- flute or bass flute.
But now the man who loved her has been dead these seven years;
She mourned the only way she could, with songs instead of tears.
Helped to raise the child he left to grow up proud and strong,
And filled the long nights dreaming in the echo of a song,
And waiting for some gentle touch that once more may reveal
The music that lies sleeping in her soul of silk and steel.

    remember to tune up!
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