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This is the album working directory for Steve Savitzky's album Amethyst Rose. Unless you're collaborating on it or following the production process you'll probably get more information out of the album directory.

Annotated Contents


album-specific Makefile -- works differently depending on whether it is in the web tree or the recording tree.
the bare track list. The CD table-of-contents and the HTML track list are generated from this by the Makefile.
working notes.
to-do file (plain text).

Generated files

These files are generated from the tracks file and information in the Songs and Tracks directories.

HTML track list with all the trimmings.
HTML track list with descriptions and timing, but no audio links.
HTML list with just one line per song. Suitable for use as a simple track list or (for a concert) set list.
list (plain text)
One line per track, plain text. Suitable for including into cover artwork.
long.list (plain text)
Plain text list with descriptions. Suitable for including into booklet artwork.


Note: these will not be available through the web unless you're subscribing to the album's production feed.

Artwork. Low-resolution artwork used as icons and web page graphics are usually pulled up into the main working directory.
Fragments of HTML that get included in multiple places, for example the various index.html pages.
The 16-bit .wav files that actually get burned onto the master disk.
32-bit floating-point .wav files for normalization and volume adjustment (in the WAV subdirectory), and possibly a the source tree for an ISO 9660 (CD-ROM/CD-Extra) track (in the ISO subdirectory)
Compressed files -- OGG, MP3, and possibly FLAC.
Working directories for the individual tracks. Each has an Audacity project -- sometimes several -- and a notes file used to keep track of status.

If you're seeing this on the web, don't expect too much. This file is basically just a placeholder until I cook up a proper index.html file for the directory. On the other hand, if you're browsing the directory tree, you already know that I put a HEADER.html file into every directory to aid in navigation.

On the other hand I might just leave it as is. After all, this is just a mirror of the working directory. Showing how I do it may encourage other people to hack on the same software, which would be a Good Thing. Go ahead; all the tools are over in ../../Tools/ for your enjoyment.

Copyright © Stephen Savitzky
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