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I Wanna Be a Webmaster

© 1996 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved.

Oh give me a home page where web browsers roam
And the spiders and search engines play
Where my words can be seen upon everyone's screen
And I'll be the Cool Site of the Day.
    Oh I wanna be a webmaster, I wanna use HTTP
    In the World Wide Web there'll be no one as wonderful as me
    My page will be the Cool Site of the day you just can bet
    At WWW-dot-myDotSite-dot-net
Well, I found a site provider and I wrote HTML
And I made a thousand links to sites that I can't even spell.
With a CGI hit counter that has four whole lines of code,
And a three-D rendered background that takes half an hour to load.

    refrain -- the week
Well I bought myself a Macintosh and Windows 95
Page Mill and Netscape Server and a 4.2-Gig drive;
My programs all have objects and my processors have RISCs
And my software's backed up on about five hundred floppy disks.

    refrain -- the month
Now I have a Cisco router and a satellite link dish
And a realtime Ricoh camera taking pictures of my fish
And an RC autogyro I'll be taking for a whirl
Just as soon as I can figure out how to program it in PERL.

    refrain -- the year
I'll be raking in the Digicash and Cyberbucks galore
When a World Wide Web of customers comes browsing to my door
I'll sell them cups of Java and instant iced N-T
In recycled plastic mugs that have a photograph of me.

    refrain -- all time
Oh give me a home where the web browsers roam
I'll be staking my cyberspace claim
To a place in the sun for fast money and fun
And my own 15 minutes of fame.
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