Talking Fuel

Lyrics © 1985 Stephen Savitzky & Cynthia McQuillan. All rights reserved. Music: Talking Blues (traditional arr. Savitzky)

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  I was picking my gui tar one night
And  I got quite confused
When I  found that half the  songs I know
  Work as a talking blues.

Remember good old Greensleeves,
And darling Clementine?
It doesn't take a bit of work
To make them scan just fine.
  For example,
  Here's one you might recognize...

A hundred parsecs out
On a ship called Borman's Fate,
The engineer, McClellan
Sent the word down to the mate.

Our engine's growing cold, he said,
And soon our ship will die
If we can't find a planet
With fuel to feed the drive.
  See what I mean?

Now Cindy probably doesn't mind--
I think she'd be amused
To hear her ``Fuel to Feed the Drive''
Done as a talking blues.

I'm not the one with problems,
But if Frank Hayes hears this song,
He might try ``God Lives on Terra''
And he might not live too long.