The Store Down in the Valley

Lyrics © 1986 Stephen Savitzky. CC-by-nc-sa. To the tune of ``The Bog Down in the Valley'' (traditional).

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/* The Store Down In The Valley
  **    Lyrics (c) 1986 Stephen Savitzky
  **    Music traditional (to the tune of "The Bog Down In The Valley")
  **    This song is written in C, but you can capo it up to C++.
  #include <stdio.h>
  #define nitems 11
  #define play  printf
  #define sing  printf
  char *item[] = {"store", "box", "board", "chip", "ROM", "code", "word", 
                  "byte", "bit", "bug", "glitch"};
      play("C            Am               C                    G7      \n");
      sing("High tech computer store, the store down in the Valley, Oh!\n");
      play("C            Am           G7                 C       \n");
      sing("High tech computer store, down in Silicon Valley, Oh!\n");
  verse(int i)
  {   int j;
      play("C           G7          C     G7\n");
      sing("And in this %s there was a %s\n", item[i-1], item[i]);
      play("  C              G7         \n");
      sing("A high tech computer %s; the\n", item[i]);
      for (j = i; j > 0; --j) {
          play("C             G7        \n");
         sing("%s in the %s and the\n", item[j], item[j-1]);
      play("C                G7 C       \n");
      sing("Store in Silicon Valley, Oh!\n");
  {   int i, j;
      for (i = 1; i < nitems; ++i) { chorus(); verse(i); }
  /* There is also a bug in this song:  it should be SOME code, not A code.
  ** It could be patched, but I felt it was more authentic to leave it in.