John Silicon

Lyrics: © 1983 Stephen Savitzky. CC-by-nc-sa. To the tune of ``John Barleycorn'' (traditional).

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  There were three men came into the West
Their  fortunes there to buy,
C F C G7 C
And  these  three  men made a sol emn  vow
John  Sil ic on should  die,  
G7 C
John  Silicon should  die.

They roasted him for a very long time,
And made him glow bright red,
And these three men swore a solemn oath
John Silicon was dead,
John Silicon was dead.

They have melted him,
Then they drew him out
Till he grew both great and tall,
As a perfect crystal hale and pure,
He did amaze them all,
He did amaze them all.

They have hired men with their diamond saws
to slice him and grind him flat,
Then they've taken him to a great fab line
Where they've served him worse than that,
They've served him worse than that.

They have wheeled him here,
  and they've wheeled him there,
They have masked him and etched him fine.
And they have served him worse than that:
They have doped him with ars\=\i ne,
They have doped him with ars\=\i ne.

Then they've taken lasers keen and bright
To scribe him once and twice,
Then they've bound him, and cracked him
  across the back
To break him into dice,
To break him into dice.

They have sealed him into a tiny cell
And bound him with chains of gold,
And they have sorely tested him
Until he could be sold,
Until he could be sold.

They have worked their will on John Silicon
But he's brought them wealth and fame,
For they build him into a plastic box
And they call him video games,
They call him video games.