The Queen of Night

© 1985 Stephen Savitzky. CC-by-nc-sa.

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G C G D7
  Farewell to sun-scorched  inn er  worlds
And  Terra's burn ing sky
On sails of shining  goss amer
C G C G D7
Back to the  night  we  fly;
Past  Jove the ruler  of  the sky
Toward Saturn  his  fair Queen
C G D7
Most beautiful of  all  the  worlds
G C D7 G
  That  any  man  has seen.
G D7 G C
  Outward  bound,  outward bound 
We're  outward bound for Saturn
C G C G D7
With her crown of  gold en  light
Homeward  bound, homeward  bound
Where my own lady is  waiting
G D7 G
In the  court of the  Queen  of Night
On a liner called the Queen of Night
For Saturn we are bound
With Earth and Sun behind us now
And bright stars all around.
With passengers and cargo
On the outward course we'll steer
For my home and for my lady
All the things that I hold dear.

Drink another bag of coffee
Take the morning watch alone.
Even now the rings are blazing
In the sky above my home.
Though Terra's hills are green and fair
They are not home to me;
My lady's face against the sky
Is all that I can see.

My true love has a wedding ring
That covers half the sky
Too long I've been a-roving
Now back to her I'll fly
My Princess of the Darkness
In the court of the Queen of Night
It's all the love she holds for me
That makes the rings so bright.