Paper Wings

© 1989 Stephen Savitzky. CC-by-nc-sa.

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  She sits alone by candle-light and  sings a wistful  song
D7 D6 D7 D D7 D6 D G
Of  freedom from a world  where  she  will  nev er  quite  belong
D5 (G) D5 C G
She  takes a square of paper  and  she  folds it as she  sings;
D7 D6 D7 D C G D G
tiny dragon lifts  its  head  and  spreads  its  pa per wings.
D5 (G) D5 G
  Listen to the  song  she  sings
  so  late into the  night
D Dsus4 D Dsus2
She  folds the tiny  pap   er  wings
D C G Gsus4 G
  and  dreams  of dra gon   flight
C D7 D5 G C G6
Dra gon  flight  dragon  flight
D7 D6 G9\,G
dragon  flight  dra gon flight
She recalls the pretty legend that they told in days gone by
If you fold a thousand paper cranes then you may never die.
A tiny dragon perches on a chip of crystal stone;
Would a thousand paper dragons have a magic of their own?

She folds them through the autumn rains and silent winter snow:
A thousand squares of paper by the candle's quiet glow.
She sings her songs of dragon-flight; the night is soft and deep;
And paper dragons watch her bed to guard her in her sleep.

At last upon a rose-red dawn the day breaks clear and warm;
A thousand tiny dragons whirl around her like a storm.
She watches them in wonderment 'til like the song she sings,
She rises with them free to fly away on paper wings.

(x) -- just play the note x, no chord.

This was commissioned by Cathy Cook and Carolly Hawksdottir, inspired by Fred Small's song ``Cranes Over Hiroshima'' and Carolly's origami dragons.