Farewell Sweet Lovely Nancy

English traditional: public domain

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This melody was ganked by Oak, Ash, and Thorn for use with ``The Owl and the Pussycat''.

Farewell, sweet lovely Nancy, ten thousand times adieu,
I'm a-going across the ocean, love, to seek for something new.
Come change your ring with me, dear girl,
Come change your ring with me,
For it might be a token of true love while I am on the sea.

When I am far upon the sea you know not where I am.
Kind letters I will write to you from every foreign land.
The secrets of your mind, dear girl,
Are the best of my good will,
So let my body be where it might, my heart will be with you still.

There's a heavy storm a-rising, see how it gathers round,
While we poor sailors are on the sea, are fighting for the crown.
Our officers commanding us
And them we must obey,
Expecting every moment for to get cast away.

There are tinkers, tailors and shoemakers, lie snoring fast asleep,
While we poor souls on the ocean wide are ploughing through the deep.
There's nothing to defend us, love,
Or to keep us from the cold,
On the ocean wide, where we must bide like jolly seamen bold.