Millennium's Dawn

© 2000, 2015 Stephen Savitzky. CC-by-nc-sa.


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  Now the Second Millennium's over
I'm not s orry to leave it beh ind,
C Em
But we  all had our dreams of t omorrow
G D7
And I c an't get them off of my m ind.
Wh ere is the promise that beckoned?
Wh ere has our old fut ure gone?
C Em
  Everything should have been d ifferent
G D7 G
In the l ight of the Millenni um's d awn.
C an you hear the rockets thunder
As they c arry us up past the sk ies?
C Em
Can you s ee the cities of w onder
G D7
As they gl eam in the bright sunr ise?
G D7 G
Can you t ell me where our h opes and dr eams
And our m aps of the future have g one?
C Em
They were c arried away on the n ight wind
G D7 G
Bef ore the Milleni um's d awn.
Oh I should have been watching the earthrise
From a dome on the bright lunar plain
But I took a wrong turn at the '60s
now I'm driving back home in the rain
So where are the domed lunar cities?
Where have space colonies gone?
I can't find my way to the spaceport
In the light of the Millennium's dawn.

We had pictures of towers that glisten
Standing tall in the clear light of day
Connected by ribbons of sidewalk--
They look nothing like South San Jos\'e.
So where are the cities and skyways?
Where have the monorails gone?
I still can't see them gleaming
In the light of the Millennium's dawn.

Now there ought to be talking computers,
And mechanical servants, of course
But they all flunked the Turing test badly
While Deep Blue won at chess by brute force,
So where is HAL now when we need him?
Where have the robots all gone?
I still can't hear them marching
In the light of the Millennium's dawn.

Well, here's to an age that's departed,
And to pictures we drew in the sand.
All the dreams that I had when we started,
Have crumbled to dust in my hand.
Guess I'll pull a new map from my pocket;
Never mind where the old ones have gone,
And I'll look for a new road to follow
In the light of the Millennium's dawn.
Can you hear the bells all ringing
As they welcome the bright sunrise?
Can you see a small child singing
With wonder in her eyes?
Can you take new hope and dream again
After the darkness has gone
And the winds of time are blowing
After the Millenium's dawn?

Now we're out where the daylight can find us,
But our journey has hardly begun;
There are old bridges blazing behind us,
And we're drawing new maps as we run.
If we want the bright future we charted
We must chase down our dreams where they've gone,
And finish the work that we started
By the light of the Millenium's dawn.
Yes, we'll make the rockets thunder
To carry us up past the skies;
We will build new cities of wonder
To gleam in the bright sunrise;
Here's hope to heal your sorrow
Now that the old dreams are gone,
And the past has turned into tomorrow
After the Millenium's dawn.