Bound For Hackers' Heaven

© 1988 Stephen Savitzky. CC-by-nc-sa

Inspired by Jordin Kare's launch-laser song, ``Kantrowitz 1972'', and closely related to the backstory behind ``Demon Lover''.


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If anyone is going to get into space, it will be people who like building complex, hairy systems for the sheer joy of it, and who aren't afraid to take some risks and use the stuff while they're building it. In other words...

  When you're building complex systems there are  two ways to  proceed;
F C G7
Take the  safe and sane and  cautious road, or go flat out for  speed
If we  leave it to the bureaucrats we'll  never get to  space;
F C G7 C
But  turn some crazy  hackers loose and  see who wins the  race.
  Let the laser launch you skyward with a  hypersonic yell
C F G7
And you're  blasting into Heaven on a  billion watts of  Hell
Let  committees squawk of safety, let the  politicians lie;
G G6 C G C
We're  bound for Hackers'  Heaven  in  the  sky.
Ten-G cargo launchers never were designed to lift a man,
But when you're in a hurry you'll grab any ride you can.
Use a waterbed for padding, throw some algae in for air;
It may not look like a spaceship, but just ask me if I care.

And when we reach high orbit, we'll hack around the clock
With shuttle tanks and baling wire and melted lunar rock.
It would take too long to balance, so to spin it we'll not try:
Besides who wants to walk when we've already dared to fly?

So pack up all your memories, your programs and displays
Leave the losers down on Earth to go their meek and cautious ways
Let the politicians tell them to stay safely in their beds
We'll be hacking out our dreams here in the sky above their heads.

...  In  the  sky
G G6 C G C
We're  bound for Hacker's  Heaven  in  the  sky.