Calm Down

It's Only Dirty Diapers

Lyrics: © 1986 Stephen Savitzky. CC-by-nc-sa. To the tune of ``Calm Down It's Only Ones and Zeros'' by Kathy Mar

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  My baby keeps on crying, I don't know what to do
  I've changed her and I've fed her and I've burped her til I'm blue
  I've hugged her and I've bounced her and I've walked her half a mile
  But no matter what I do it doesn't seem to make her smile.
  Calm down, it's only dirty diapers
  Calm down, it's only bottled milk,
  Calm down, and tell me why you're crying.
  I'd like to sing you lullabyes, but all I know is filk.
So here I sit still singing in the morning's early light,
Since four AM is her idea of sleeping through the night.
I'm keeping sane by turning my frustrations into verse,
And trying to remind myself that triplets would be worse.

It's clear from all those noises that you wish that you could talk,
Though it all comes out somewhere between a gurgle and a squawk.
I wish that you could talk to me and tell me just what's wrong,
Though I know that when you can then I will sing a different song.

Written shortly after Kathy Mar's twins were born.