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Dm Em?
I saw her  walking down the driveway to the  bus stop;
Dm Am
With a  backpack and a suitcase, and tears  running down her face
She  stopped and looked me over and said
"Honey, you're a  wreck
Dm Am Dm
sure don't like to  leave you in this  place."

"I'd like to take you with me but I don't suppose I can;
He's treating you as bad as he did me."
And then said "This is crazy, but
I'll be in town til noon,
So just in case I'm leaving you the key."
I'm just an old self-driving truck,
I don't like taking chances,
But I want to change my luck,
I'll meet my friend tomorrow and I hope she'll treat me right
I wonder where we'll be tomorrow night.
I met her at the hotel door next morning
She jumped on board and said to me "Hey Honey, you're the best!"
With a dress that matched my paint job
and a camper shell for me,
We hit the road at noon and headed west.
A woman and a self-driving truck
You have to take some chances
And make your own damned luck,
We'll be best friends forever and we'll treat each other right,
And I know who will sleep with me tonight.