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I came into this one horribly unprepared, having started a new job just three weeks previous. I was still arranging my setlist an hour before the concert. And trying to scare up a three-hole punch.

It was also my first trip using my new-to-me thrift store bag, which I finally figured out must have been intended for baseball. The pocket in back is perfect for a music stand, ad tje main pocket holds Plink plus a couple of notebooks. I win.

Good thing I brought the bag, because the con didn't supply music stands.

The concert itself actually went pretty well. Considering. I didn't really have a theme, just a pile of songs, but I actually managed to put together a narration that flowed pretty well. Here we go.


The Fox

Hi! I'm Steve Savitzky, and I'm a folksinger.

If I hadn't discovered filk I'd probably have written a lot of the same songs. Of course, songs about work have have changed a little.

The World Inside the Crystal

And we don't sing about the same kind of shipwrecks so much.

Keep the Dream Alive

Where Have All the Shuttles Gone

More nostalgia.

The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of

But that was last century. Time to move on.

Millennium's Dawn

So, yeah; a wrong turn at the '60's.

Naomi Rivkis wrote the lyrics for this one, about her childhood playground. I wrote a tune for it, then Naomi and I and Callie Hills, who were performing as Tempered Glass at the time, completely rewrote the second half of it. Our first and unfortunately only collaboration.

The October Country

Here's another of Naomi's.

As You See

And another of her collaborations, this time with Ray Phoenix.


That was Riverheart. Before she let me perform it, Naomi wanted to be sure I could sing it with enough of what she called "bite". So I hauled this old one out.

Here's another, heading vaguely back into work song territory.

Inherit the Earth

Naomi and I have been performing for the last year as a duo called "Lookingglass Folk". We have this theme we originally called "crunch time", about bad times, disaster, survival...

We now tag it with "trinitite". That's the kind of glass you get when you set off a nuke over the desert.

But not all disasters are that... obvious.

Boom Gone To Bust

Not all acts of courage are all that obvious, either.

Quiet Victories


I'd originally planned to sing "Banks of Marble" before "Boom Gone To Bust", as my favorite "out of work" song. But it's just as well I didn't. It flowed better without it.

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