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About Bleeding Time! was a bonus goodie included with a $20 preorder of Coffee, Computers, and Song. The intent was to have a small stack on hand so that I can hand one to somebody in exchange for a $20. They were originally available at Baycon 2007, and a few sets are still available. ABT is a double-session disk, with about half an hour of music and a CDROM full of extras, including a complete copy of the publishable parts of my songbook.

It was issued in a limited edition of 256 (numbered 00-FF), with 00 and FF reserved for Interfilk auctions at GAFilk and Consonance respectively.

Note: The official directory for the album is (now) here. This directory is a copy of the working directory, and it's updated whenever I get around to it. It includes mp3 and ogg copies of all tracks, in whatever state they were in at the end of the day. At the moment, their undisclosed location is only available to people who have preordered the CD. After all, they've already paid for it. The rest of you will have to wait.


See the file.

The album is more-or-less done. The only artwork it needs is the CD label, and that's taken care of. It'll be a bare CD in a windowed sleeve. (A thin case would be more expensive, a serious consideration on a $5 disk). A card or folded-over flier can be included in the sleeve. (A postcard would have some advantages there.) A label stuck on the sleeve is another possibility.

At the moment I'm still working on getting multisession burns to work on my home system, and it's not clear whether I'll send it out to be burned professionally by a short-run house, or just get the disks printed professionally and do the rest at home (which would take longer but would let me personalize them).


Other Credits


  • Guitar: My gigging guitar for anything I can drive to is "Ruby", a red-topped, thinbody Ovation CC-057. Ruby is Ovation's name for the color scheme; it seemed appropriate. I bought her in Guitar Showcase's consignment shop shortly before my Interfilk gig at GAFilk, and though she came with a hardshell case she usually lives in a RoadRunner gig bag these days.
  • Recording equipment:
  • Editing: All editing is being done on a homebrew Linux box, currently with an AMD CPU in a very quiet Antec P150 case. At one point I was using a fanless 1GHz VIA C7 CPU, but although it did a good job of recording scratch tracks, it didn't have quite enough computrons for overdubbing. The soundcard is an M-Audio OmniStudio 66.
  • Software: The recording machine's OS is mostly Debian Etch, with a low-latency kernel from DeMuDi, the Debian Music Distribution. All recording and editing are being done using Audacity.

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