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Uncle Ernie's

Lyrics © 1985 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .
To the tune of ``Finnegan's Wake'' (traditional).

When Babbage's Birthday rolls around
We hold our annual Shopping Spree
With every C-P- U  you buy
Get a floppy disk completely free!
We've acres of used computers here
The biggest selection in the land
At prices from just fifty cents
To seven hundred and fifty grand!
    It's Uncle Ernie's Used Computer
    Babbage's Birthday bargain bash
    Once-in-a-lifetime discount deals
    All sales are final and strictly cash!
We've Altair's, Imsai's, Apple Three's
And PC Junior's by the score
And if you fancy something big
A mainframe's only slightly more!
Take that 7090 there,
Such magtape drives did y'ever see?
And whether it runs with tape or cards
Get a floppy disk completely free!
If energy bills are out of sight
Don't sit and shiver in the cold
To help you beat the cost of heat
We're offering real-time control.
Straight from the nuclear industry
Here's a real hot number just for you
It glows in the dark a little so
It makes a dandy night-light too!
Now in the robot section here
We've Heathkit Heros by the score
And a couple of custom models that
Were only used in one star war!
Robbie here is a great machine
Did you ever see such a friendly face?
The price is very low because
We found him drifting lost in space!

Most of the chords notated as \chord{G} are actually played xxDGBx, i.e. just the three open strings of the G chord. In other words, fake it.

In case you were wondering, Charles Babbage was born on December 26, 1792. He invented the stored-program digital computer, which he called the Analytical Engine. The Analytical Engine was also the first unfinished computer project. Contrary to popular belief, the mechanical precision of the time was quite capable of producing it, but Babbage kept changing the design and eventually ran out of funding. It's an old story.
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