Paper Wings

© 1989 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .

For Carolly

She sits alone by candle-light and sings a wistful song
Of freedom from a world where she will never quite belong
She takes a square of paper and she folds it as she sings;
A tiny dragon lifts its head and spreads its paper wings.
    Listen to the song she sings
    so late into the night
    She folds the tiny pap  er wings
    and dreams of dragon  flight
    Dragon flight dragon flight 
    dragon flight dragon flight
She recalls the pretty legend that they told in days gone by
If you fold a thousand paper cranes then you may never die.
A tiny dragon perches on a chip of crystal stone;
Would a thousand paper dragons have a magic of their own?
She folds them through the autumn rains and silent winter snow:
A thousand squares of paper by the candle's quiet glow.
She sings her songs of dragon-flight; the night is soft and deep;
And paper dragons watch her bed to guard her in her sleep.
At last upon a rose-red dawn the day breaks clear and warm;
A thousand tiny dragons whirl around her like a storm.
She watches them in wonderment 'til like the song she sings,
She rises with them free to fly away on paper wings.

    (x) -- just play the note x, no chord.

This was commissioned by Cathy Cook and Carolly Hawksdottir, inspired by Fred Small's song ``Cranes Over Hiroshima'' and Carolly's origami dragons.
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