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Someplace in the Net

© 1990 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .

Dedicated to the people of alt.callahans, the Altnet,

There is a Place I heard of once, and wished that I could find
Where people listen  to you when you say what's on your mind;
Where you can swap tall tales, or share a quiet drink with friends;
Where anything can happen, and the party never ends.

    [A D A E E6 E7 E6 E A A\sus2 A]Bridge
I knew it wasn't anyplace but stories in a book,
But now and then I'd pass a bar, drop in and take a look.
Then I logged in to the network, in a group I'd never seen,
And found what I'd been seeking, in the world behind the screen.
    Time and space are just a dream we dream when we're apart;
    Home is a welcome feeling deep inside the heart;
    Stranger's just a name for some old friend we haven't met;
    When we're together someplace in the net.
The Network's just a shadow-play of words upon a screen;
But you can talk for hours with old friends you've never seen,
In a world of words and dreams where only thoughts can roam,
Where you can weave a fantasy and make it feel like home.

Some weave a magic cloak of words to shape their presence there:
The Tiger and the Unicorn, the Tin Man and the Bear;
Some weep for long-lost lovers, some laugh with new-made friends,
And anything can happen and the party never ends.


    Final refrain:
    Time and space are not enough to keep good friends apart;
    Callahan's is just a name for somewhere in the heart;
    We'll drink a toast to friends we knew before we ever met;
    When we're together someplace in the net.
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