Little Home Computer

Lyrics © 1985 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .
To the tune of ``The Holly and the Ivy'' (traditional)

    My little home computer
    Is wonderful to see
    With the spinning of its little floppy disk
    And the glowing C R  T.
I got a home computer
'Twas on a Christmas day.
At first I didn't like it
But I guess it's here to stay.
The instructions for my computer
Are written, if you please,
In a mixture of Middle English
And pidgin Japanese.

My computer can play music,
It warbles like a bird
That's got drunken on fermented berries--
Wierdest thing you ever heard.
My computer it draws pictures
On its little TV screen.
Most expensive box of fingerpaints
Anyone has ever seen.

Oh to use a home computer
Is as easy as can be;
Any ten-year-old can get it right.
Wonder what is wrong with me.
I can't program my computer
It does only what I say.
I only wish that I could write a program
That would make it go away.

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