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When the shades of night have fallen
And the world in darkness lies
They awake from fitful slumber
And they open bleary eyes
When computers run their fastest 
By the console's lurid light
Comes the hacker's hour of glory
Hackers do it every night.
    So here's to the midnight hackers 
    And the deeds they do by night
    May all their bugs be easy
    And may all their code be tight
    May their hardware run like lightning
    May it stay up through the night
    Hackers do it with computers
    And they do it every night.
No higher level language 
Our intentions can express
So with dirty old machine code 
Our attentions we will press
If we must we'll try for hours 
Getting every statement right
In our lowest level programs 
Hackers do it byte by byte.

Now microcode is nasty
But you frequently will find
It's the only thing computers have
To motivate their mind.
It takes sleazy tricks and pure brute force
To get it all to fit
So for heavy microcoding
Hackers do it bit by bit.

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