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Guilty Pleasures

Coffee, Computers, and Song

© 1991 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .

Now the wife has gone out for the evening; 
The kid's fast asleep in her bed;
I head for the back room, turn out the lights,
New ideas racing into my head.
And I know that I ought to be stronger,
And I know that it just ain't right,
But my guilty pleasures are calling
And it's gonna be a long dark night!
    I have guilty pleasures and 
      back-room treasures
    To keep me happy all night long
    The devil take wine, 
      loose women and crime
    Give me coffee, computers and song!

    inst. break
Now some men fancy loose women
that they pick up in sleazy old bars;
Some find escape in the juice of the grape,
Some go racing in stolen fast cars.
But just give me a tape of old folksongs,
Black coffee as strong as it gets,
A hot CPU and a program or two
And a fast line onto the nets.
There's a two-meg stack of fresh net-news,
Some mail that I ought to reply
The last chunk came in this evening
Of a game I've been meaning to try.
Then maybe a round of debugging
There's always something else wrong,
If I don't fall asleep at the keyboard,
I might just write a new song.
Well the wife went to bed around midnight;
The kid'll be up before dawn.
I might crash at my desk about lunch-time,
But for now I'll just keep hackin' on.
Now some men fall for fast women,
for other the bottle's a curse;
For me it's hot coffee and hacking,
And I can't tell you which one is worse.

This song actually was written in realtime somewhere between midnight and 3am.

Whistle works well on this one.
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