Emerald Dreams

© 1992 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .

For Emerald Lee, of course. Welcome home.

    Emerald dreams in her mother's arms... 
    Tell me what are her dreams made of?
    Warmth and rest at her mother's breast;
    Sunlight and songs and love...
Fishes dream in the deep green sea;
Birds rock in the treetops tall;
Diamonds hide in the cold dark mines
And dream no dreams at all.
But Emerald sleeps in her mother's arms
Cradled close and warm;
Her father sings her this lullabye
And keeps her safe from harm.

I held my daughter in my arms
On the morning of her birth.
All afternoon I watched her sleep
On her first day on the Earth,
And as she slept her tight-closed eyes
Were moving to and fro,
But what she saw in her life's first dream
No one will ever know.

    Sunlight and songs and love...

Written two days after the birth of my daughter Emerald Lee, and it's all true. I wrote it as her own private lullabye, but it turned out she prefers ``The Mary Ellen Carter''.
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