Do It Yourself patch level 3

Lyrics © 1998 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .

To the tune of: Do It Yourself, \copyright Bill Sutton.

Released under the FGPL

I went to buy some software, and they said six hundred bucks
For some bloated cruft from Microsoft, now that price really sucks
So I looked out on the network, and, my friends, I'm here to say
That people write great software and then give the code away.
    Oh, Oracle, Sun and Microsoft, Novell and SAP
    Write bloated buggy programs that they license fora fee
    They make big bucks from software so they don't want me to say
    That open source is better 'cause you give the code away.
First I had to have a kernel just to make my software run
This Finnish guy named Linus wrote a great one just for fun,
Multi-user, multitasking, virtual memory as well,
And best of all it's free because it's under GPL.
Next, compilers and utilities were what I had to get --
The Free Software Foundation has the best ones on the Net.
They say that GNU's Not Unix, and I know this must be true
'Cause the tech support is faster and the software's better too.
Then I had to have an interface with windows, fonts and mice
And high-speed graphics over local networks would be nice.
The old X Window System got its start at MIT;
If it's good enough for Unix then it's good enough for me.
Now I had to use the World Wide Web, well that's always been cheap;
On the server side, apache didn't cost me any sleep.
Mozilla's code was open-sourced in April '98
Now Firefox is here and it was truly worth the wait.
Now I have my system running, not a byte was off the shelf;
It rarely breaks and when it does I fix the code myself.
It's stable, clean and elegant, and lightning fast as well,
And it didn't cost a nickel, so Bill Gates can go to hell.
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