Start in B for 1 instrumental refrain

    All chords are E barred to various positions

CyberPunk Blues

© 1989 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .

You plug in the electrodes and you
  turn up the gain
You log in to the System and you
  interface your brain
And Cyberspace replaces
  sex and drugs and rock and roll
Shooting data down the mainline from 
  the system to your soul
    Reality and CyberSpace--
      which one should you choose?
    When you're deep inside the system with
      the CyberPunk Blues.
You're addicted to the network and you
  can't leave the game
The first time you plugged in you knew you'd
  never be the same
Now you're riding on the data 
  like a surfer on a wave
And you know you'll stay connected
  till they lay you in your grave.

    refrain: instrumental
You feel the data whirling
  inside your mind;
As far as all the world can tell you're
  deaf and dumb and blind
And your body goes to pieces
  it's so easy to forget
But your soul lives on forever somewhere
  deep inside the Net.
    Reality and CyberSpace--
      which one did you choose?
    Now you're stuck inside the system with
      the CyberPunk Blues.
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