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Unlike most other directories on this website, where the HEADER.html file is hidden from casual browsing by an index.html file, this file is all you're likely to get. Whenever I have control over a programming project, I make its directory tree look like a website -- you will always find a HEADER.html file like this one, in every subdirectory. The Apache webserver puts a HEADER or HEADER.html file, if you have one, at the top of a directory listing. (It puts README or README.html at the bottom, after the file list.)

If you're viewing this tree, or one of the project directories, in a text editor you'll find that the HEADER.html files are nearly as readable in source form as they are on the web.

Eventually this directory will have a subdirectory or link for each open-source project that I'm either actively involved with, or in some way responsible for.

Annotated Contents


Each project gets its own subdirectory.

This subtree contains a set of programs I wrote with my father for his now-defunct consulting business, Silvermine Research Inc., about a decade ago. Ignore the copyright notices and the near-useless copy protection; as the successor-in-interest I'm placing them under the GPL and will probably get around to updating the sources in about a month after my album is finished. The various programs run under MS-DOS, and provide a simple mc-like interface for transferring and converting files written by a variety of different Perkin-Elmer spectrophotometers and other devices. sri/ht/ was a quick stab at a hypertext browser written long before the web existed.


The first open-source project I ever did at work; this is a web server, written in Java, that includes an interpretor for a full, Turing-complete scripting language with XML syntax. The resulting scripts are pretty ugly, but you can stick them into web pages without having to juggle two syntaxes in one editor, and there are some security advantages as well.
A reasonably fast, C implementation of PIA.
The website engine for Includes yet another PIA-like template engine, this time in Perl, called AMP (which stands for "Active Markup Processor").

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