oggmp3time Title
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
mp3 5:05 Another Country
3:37 Big Blue Blues
Big Italian Rose
ogg mp3 2:50 Bigger On The Inside
Black Thursday
ogg mp3 2:36 Bound For Hackers' Heaven
ogg mp3 2:17 Bugs (A brief dissertation on the First Law of Cybernetic Entomology)
Calm Down (It's Only Dirty Diapers)
3:30 Can't Get It Up
ogg mp3 The Cap and Bells
Changing the Baby
2:20 Cicero in the 21st Century
Close Your Eyes
Cryptographer's Anthem
1:35 CyberPunk Blues
DIYpl3 (Do It Yourself patch level 3)
ogg mp3 4:00 Daddy's World
ogg mp3 4:05 Demon Lover
Desolation --- Oh, No!
Desolation Row
Dmitri and DMCA
3:00 Emerald Dreams
Everything Possible
ogg mp3 4:50 Eyes Like the Morning
Fannish Life
Farewell Sweet Lovely Nancy
Ferret Went A-Courtin'
3:30 Filksong Lullabye
ogg mp3 4:15 For Amy
Froggy Went A-Courtin'
Gilda and the Dragon
ogg mp3 3:21 Guilty Pleasures (Coffee, Computers, and Song)
Hacker Paul
1:51 Hackers
ogg mp3 High Barratry
House Carpenter / Demon Lover
House Carpenter
House Carpenter
I Am the Walrus
3:47 I Play Magic Now
ogg mp3 3:30 I Wanna Be a Webmaster
ogg mp3 3:25 Inherit the Earth
ogg mp3 Jabberwocky
John Silicon
ogg mp3 4:18 Keep the Dream Alive
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
The Last Train
Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts
The Little Computing Machine
Little Fuzzy Animals
Little Home Computer
Little Tiny Babies
3:06 Look and Feel Lawsuit Blues
The Mad Hacker of Sunnyvale
The Mary Ellen Carter
2:20 A Meeting in the Wood
The Merry Man and his Maid (I Have a Song to Sing-O)
ogg mp3 7:00 Millennium's Dawn
Monday Morning
The Mushroom Farm
ogg mp3 3:00 The Mushroom Song
Napster Piracy
Ninety-Five Years
The October Country
Off to Feed the Lizard
Old Time Computing
ogg mp3 The Owl and the Pussycat
2:05 Paper Pings (A Note on the Implementation of RFC1149)
4:30 Paper Wings
5:35 Persistence of Memory
2:45 A Place To Run Free
ogg mp3 The Programmer's Alphabet
2:48 The Queen of Night
ogg mp3 Quiet Victories
ogg mp3 3:55 Rainbow's Edge
ogg mp3 2:39 The Rambling Silver Rose
The Rattlin' Bog
ogg mp3 The River
3:30 Rocket Rider's Prayer
ogg mp3 Ship of Stone
The Shores of the Night
ogg mp3 3:37 Silk and Steel
Sink the Clipper! ( Modular exponentiation and the computational complexity of factoring large numbers)
Small, But...
ogg mp3 4:23 Someplace in the Net
The Song of Wandering Aengus
The Stolen Child
The Store Down in the Valley
ogg mp3 Stuck Here... (Stuck Here on a Starship for a Hundred Years Without No Body Blues)
ogg mp3 4:45 The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of
ogg mp3 2:50 TEOTWAWKI v2.0 (The End Of The World As We Knew It)
Ta(l)king Preorders
ogg mp3 A Talk With the Middle-Sized Bear
Talking Dragon
Talking Fuel
Teddy Bears' Victory
Three COBOL Hackers
Thrill-Seekers' Waltz
ogg mp3 3:06 The Toolmakers
A Tribute to the Middle-Aged Bear
ogg mp3 Uncle Ernie's
ogg mp3 3:41 Vampire Mega-Byte
Waltzing With Bears
ogg mp3 Wheelin'
When I was a Boy
When I was a Lad
2:31 When the Magic Died
Where the Heart Is
Will Ye Come Back Home?
The Word of God
ogg mp3 2:15 The World Inside the Crystal
Y2K: Out of the Big Blue Sky
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