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This directory contains makefile templates, include files, and scripts related to music -- lyrics, recordings, and so on. The templates (capitalized) are meant to be symlinked as Makefiles; the include files (lower case) are meant to be included. The generic include files in ../make were a later development, but will be used in the future.

Note that everything here has been moved from Tools/; it will take a while before they all get moved here and converted to the new Makefile system. In the mean time, symlinks have been left in place.

Annotated Contents


Album.make (deprecated)
The old album makefile. Can't simply be replaced with Record because of some differences in directory layout.
Concert.make (deprecated)
The old concert makefile. Can't simply be replaced with Record because of some differences in directory layout.
Practice.make (deprecated)
The old practice session makefile. Can't simply be replaced with Record because of some differences in directory layout.

The deprecated templates will be removed once the directories that use them have been tracked down and converted. Record.make has already been replaced.

Include Files

Replacement for */Lyrics/Makefile. None of these are symlinked; they have subtle differences that will make conversion a bit challenging. In addition, future plans require multiple lyrics directories, to allow songbooks with appropriate rights to be distributed via public git repositories.
Replacement for Record.make (which in turn is symlinked from ../record.make) meant to be included from a config.make
Include for */Songs. Currently only users/steve has a Songs directory.
Rules for use in a Tracks subdirectory; the makefile there is auto-generated. This could be replaced with a Makefile symlink and an auto-generated .depends.make, at this point.


Extract and format track information. Gets song metadata from the appropriate .flk files (basically LaTeX with a lot of custom macros), and track metadata from whichever .wav file is most appropriate.
List either all known tracks, or a specific set of tracks (e.g. the ones in an album's track list), in a format that makes it easy to keep (cough) track of recording progress. Most of the information comes out of a file called notes in the track directory. With the "-i" option, it lists key, meter, tempo, and style; these are useful when you're trying not to put excessively-similar tracks together. Otherwise it appends the last line of notes that starts in column 1; by convention this describes the most recent useable take. In a very real sense, this command produces a compact "status/to-do" list for an album.
Transpose a file that contains chord symbols in square brackets: ChordPro, FlkTran, etc.

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