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Hackers' Heaven

Hackers' Heaven will be Steve Savitzky's second or third CD, and the first interactive CD-ROM "album".

A good number of my songs came out of a couple of SF stories I was writing back in the late '80's and early '90's. They never got published, and have become distinctly dated. But one of them in particular had a couple of good songs in it, and a few song titles, so I naturally had to go write them. The basic premise is that Earth becomes too stifling, regimented, and anti-technological for the sort of wild creativity hackers (in the original sense of computer lovers) prefer, so they take off for space.


[=== to be added eventually ===]

(Note that this is likely not to be the final order; it will do for now. Suggestions are welcome. Yes, of course the tracks are numbered in hex. What did you expect? )


In the planning stage at the moment. Eventually there will be a list in the working directory, which will be the place to go for definitive, up-to-the-minute status.

There is a LiveJournal community (multi-user blog) devoted to discussion of my albums, but it's almost completely inactive at this point. You'll do better looking at selected articles in my own blog.