Eyes Like the Morning

© 1990 Stephen Savitzky. Creative Commons by-nc-sa License Some Rights Reserved. .

For Colleen, with all my love

She was sitting in the coffeehouse, seventeen years old;
Grey eyes like the morning sky, lit with streaks of gold;
I had no way of knowing where it all would end
When I looked into those sunlit eyes and knew I'd found a friend.
    Eyes like the morning, smile like the sun,
    Voice like the forest glades where rippling waters run;
    Love soft as starlight, deeper than the sea,
    When eyes like the morning look   at me.  
Half our lives together doesn't seem so long:
Days of rain and roses; laughter, love, and song;
Mystery and moonlight; mornings when I rise
And see myself reflected with the sunrise in her eyes.


    Instrumental bridge -- verse + refrain
Listen! the stars are calling, with a wild and distant sound,
And there's no way to answer when you're stuck down on the ground,
But I see our daughters gazing at the deep and starry skies,
Looking past the darkness, with tomorrow in their eyes.

NOTE: \chord{G^* = D

A Valentine's Day present for my wife, written when we only had one daughter and her eyes weren't as green as they are now.
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