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This directory contains the tool set for the FlkTeX markup language for filk and folk songs. For an application of these tools, see my Songs directory.

Annotated Contents


The Makefile. It should really be called Makefile, but it really gets imported from another directory, and it would conflict with the Makefile that's already here. One of these days I'll fix that...
The LaTeX style file for FlkTeX.
My old quick-and-dirty FlkTeX-to-text converter.
The new all-singing all-dancing FlkTeX-to-{text, html} converter.
The FlkTeX index generator.
fullpage.sty, twocolumns.sty
Style files from elsewhere that get used in a lot of songs. They are now somewhat obsolete, so I keep my copies here. Eventually...


0Index.html 0List.html
Index and list generated by index.pl
alphabet.flk | .html | .ps
A sample song.
world.flk | .html | .ps
A sample song.

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